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The Aboriginal Tasmanians
List of illustrationsList of mapsAbbreviationsAcknowledgementsIntroduction1 The Aboriginal landscape2 European visitors, 1642-18023 European invaders: the sealers, 1800-18374 European invaders:Expand
The Land Boomers
Tasmanian Aborigines: A History Since 1803
Acknowledgements..List of illustrations..List of maps..Preface..Part I Invasion: 1803-26..1. Trouwunna..2. Wrageowrapper, 1803-07..3. Creole society, 1808-20..4. Pastoral invasion, 1817-26..Part IIExpand
Settler massacres on the Port Phillip Frontier, 1836–1851
Abstract This article addresses the vexed question of settler massacres of Aboriginal Victorians on the Port Phillip frontier 1836–1851. It argues for a new approach to the question by combining theExpand
Genocide and Settler Society: Frontier Violence and Stolen Indigenous Children in Australian History, A. Dirk Moses, ed. (New York: Berghahn Books, 2004), 325 pp., cloth $63.75, pbk $21.25.
Genocide and Settler Society constitutes a successful exercise in deparochialization. Until now, discussions of genocides in an Australian context have centered on whether this category could beExpand
Who Was That Woman?: The Australian Women's Weekly in the Post-War Years
For over half a century the Women's Weekly was a major Australian cultural institution. At the time of its widest circulation, in the 1950s and 60s, it played a central role in creating a nationalExpand
Van Diemen's Land: An Aboriginal History
family and friends in these rarely photographed cultural spaces. In chapter ten, Donna Oxenham (Yamatji) tracks the history of colonial photography inwhat becameWestern Australia, through an archiveExpand