Lynda W Slimmer

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The effect of a 0.3 mg/kg dose of methylphenidate on attentional, behavioral, and cardiovascular measures in boys with attention deficit disorder (ADD) was examined. The results of double-blind clinical trials demonstrated a significant improvement in sustained attention and impulse control, as well as in ratings of social behavior by both teachers and(More)
Clinical decision making is a term frequently used to describe the fundamental role of the nurse practitioner; however, other terms have been used interchangeably. The purpose of this article is to begin the process of developing a definition and framework of clinical decision making. The developed definition was "Clinical decision making is a contextual,(More)
Group-based parent-training programmes for improving emotional and behavioural adjustment in 0-3 year old children. Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2002;(2):CD003680 (latest version 2 Apr 2001). QUESTION: Does a group based parent training programme improve the short term mental health of children under 3 years of age? Randomised or quasi-randomised controlled(More)
Q How do adolescents with depression experience and understand the disease? How do they interpret the medical diagnosis? DESIGN Modified grounded theory. PARTICIPANTS A purposive sample of 15 adolescents 14–19 years of age (mean age 16 y, 53% girls) who were diagnosed with depression was recruited from a non-profit, group model, health maintenance(More)
Unützer J, Katon W, Callahan CM, et al. Collaborative care management of late-life depression in the primary care setting: a randomized controlled trial. QUESTION: Is a collaborative care management programme offered in a primary care setting effective for older adults with late life depression? Design Randomised (allocation concealed), blinded (outcome(More)
A, et al. Children's accounts of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Q What are the experiences of children and adolescents living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)? DESIGN Qualitative study. PATIENTS 39 children and adolescents with ADHD (age range 6–17 y; 67% boys; 38% African-American, 33% Hispanic, and 23% Caucasian) were(More)
This descriptive study investigated the relationship between both demographic characteristics and type of health care setting and elderly people's attributions for control, functional status, mood, type of helplessness, and perception of self-efficacy. Results of the study demonstrate that elderly people in long-term care settings are more vulnerable to(More)
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