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PRIMARY OBJECTIVE Sports-related concussion is a frequently-occurring, serious neurological event that can produce a spectrum of potentially debilitating primary and secondary problems. Many investigators-particularly neuropsychologists-have focused their efforts on identifying cognitive changes that accompany such injuries. As such, the present review(More)
Functional assessment of the hand typically involves evaluation of proficiency using a test battery rather than identifying the range of hand skills available to a client. Establishing a clients hand function by reference to the movement repertoire of his or her fully-functioning hand offers numerous benefits for clinicians and researchers. A functional(More)
PRIMARY OBJECTIVES To ascertain and compare the nature of emotional response of athletes to concussion and to anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury. RESEARCH DESIGN Pre-injury, post-injury and longitudinal emotional functioning of athletes with concussion (n = 16), athletes with ACL injuries (n = 7) and uninjured athletes (n = 28) were compared in a(More)
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