Lynda Clarke

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Few papers address the issue of deliberate self-mutilation other than from clinical perspectives. This paper advocates a user-perspective and discusses some of the issues which might attend such a change. The occurrence of self-mutilation is placed within a cultural framework so as to enlarge the debate beyond the confines of medical/nursing responses. It(More)
verse family living situations and child development : a multilevel analysis comparing longitudinal evidence from Britain and the United States », Education, family and population dynamics, sous la direction de M.Diverse Family Living Situations and Child Development: a multi-level analysis comparing longitudinal evidence from Britain and the United(More)
BACKGROUND Few§These authors contributed equally to this work. youth-friendly health services worldwide have been scaled up or evaluated from young people's perspectives. South Africa's Youth Friendly Services (YFS) programme is one of the few to have been scaled up. This study investigated young people's experiences of using sexual and reproductive health(More)
This paper questions whether a natural science language can be transposed either into the care of individuals affected by mental illness or the educational curricula of those preparing to care for them. The importance of biological research into schizophrenia is not denied. However, it is suggested that paradigms which depend upon ownership (of knowledge)(More)
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