Lyn R. Tindall

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Individuals with idiopathic Parkinson's disease (IPD) usually develop a speech disorder characterized by reduced loudness, hoarse and breathy voice, monotony of pitch, short rushes of speech, and imprecise consonants. The inability to effectively communicate impairs their ability to function in society and quality of life. A successful program developed to(More)
Telerehabilitation refers to the delivery of rehabilitation services via information and communication technologies. Clinically, this term encompasses a range of rehabilitation and habilitation services that include assessment, monitoring, prevention, intervention, supervision, education, consultation, and counseling. Telerehabilitation has the capacity to(More)
The objective of this research was to assess the effects of an application of telerehabilitation reducing time and financial obligation on caregiver burden among eleven caregivers of elderly persons with Parkinson's disease. Clients (care receivers) participated in speech therapy delivered via videophones in their homes; the protocol required 16 treatments(More)
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