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Drawing on arguments from institutional theory, we examine the implementation and use of a supplier development program by a major North American automotive manufacturer. While all suppliers adopted the program as an apparent response to coercive institutional pressures from their customer, the study focuses on the effects of such pressures on internal(More)
Origins of Theobroma cacao and Crinipellis perniciosa occurred in the Amazon Basin region of South America, and their interaction, the witches' broom disease, was first described in the late 1700s. The 100 years of scientific investigations of witches' broom of cacao that began in the 1890s developed the present state of knowledge of the biology and(More)
Animal organs could save patients needing transplants, but further research is necessary to resolve remaining problems with organ rejection. Furthermore, xenotransplantation risks transmitting animal pathogens to patients and to the general population. It would be unethical to proceed with clinical trials before principles and procedures for dealing with(More)
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