Lyn M. Holley

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PURPOSE The goal of our study was to identify a representative sample of direct care aides to generate an accurate profile of the long-term-care workforce, with a special focus on home care workers. DESIGN AND METHODS Data were taken from the 5% Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) of the 2000 Census. RESULTS Variable coding in the 2000 Census data(More)
Although efficiency of state services depends increasingly on information systems, there is a dearth of theory to explain their management in government (Fountain, 2001; Caudle, 1996; National Commission on State and Local Public Service, 1993). Multidisciplinary research discussed and presented here demonstrates the lack of workable SISP models for state(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE This study examines measures of resilience to identify the best available measure for future research to assess efficacy of a low-cost intervention that enhances resilience of older adults and youth (i.e., intergenerational transfer of ethnic culture). METHODS Scanning the literature produced no obvious choice; 3 measures showed(More)
Introductory gerontology courses have the potential to enhance student appreciation of aging issues. The effectiveness of such courses for informing views about individual aging is little studied. This study, using a quasi-experimental design, examines the impact of participation in an introductory course in aging on 158 undergraduate students in a(More)
Gerontologists at state-funded universities are being challenged to demonstrate the value of their programs amid looming budget cuts. This article, third in a series reporting research and development of the Future Self exercise, suggests that the latest iteration of the exercise is an effective way to demonstrate the value of a gerontology program to(More)
Spirituality or religiousness is important across the health trajectory, from promoting health and preventing disease, to coping with illness and end of life. Research on the relationship of religiousness or spirituality to health spans more than one discipline and applies many definitions and measures. The purpose of this multidisciplinary work is to(More)
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