Lyle R Chinkin

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Ambient O3 concentrations in California's South Coast Air Basin (SoCAB) can be as much as 55% higher on weekends than on weekdays under comparable meteorological conditions. This is paradoxical because emissions of O3 precursors (hydrocarbons, CO, and nitrogen oxides [NOx]) are lower on weekends. Day-of-week emissions activity data were collected and(More)
Emission inventories of ozone precursors are routinely used as input to comprehensive photochemical air quality models. Photochemical model performance and the development of effective control strategies rely on the accuracy and representativeness of an underlying emission inventory. This paper describes the tasks undertaken to compile and evaluate an ozone(More)
Petroleum coke or "petcoke" is a solid material created during petroleum refinement and is distributed via transfer facilities that may be located in densely populated areas. The health impacts from petcoke exposure to residents living in proximity to such facilities were evaluated for a petcoke transfer facilities located in Chicago, Illinois.(More)
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