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In this paper, we present the design and implementation of POSSE, a new, lightweight computational steering system based on a client/server programming model. We demonstrate the effectiveness of this software system by illustrating its use for a visualization client designed for a particularly demanding real-time application—wake-vortex simulations for(More)
This paper describes an intelligent autonomous airborne flight capability that is being used as a test bed for future technology development. The unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) fly under autonomous control of both an onboard computer and an autopilot. The onboard computer provides the mission control and runs the autonomous Intelligent Controller (IC)(More)
This paper describes the development of a system that uses computational psychology (the Soar cognitive architecture) for the control of unmanned vehicles. A multithreaded software system written using Java and integrated with the Soar cognitive architecture has been implemented on two types of mobile robots. Soar can be used as a general purpose robotic(More)
The High Performance Fortran language is a 'standard by consensus', developed by individuals and vendors in the high performance computing industry, to provide a low barrier entry to parallel computing. It promises to be an easier to use development environment for distributed memory computing platforms compared to the programming complexity required by(More)