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Recent studies have revealed differences between men and women alcoholics in symptoms, consequences, and help-seeking behavior related to alcohol usage. Based on these findings, it was hypothesized that gender differences also would appear on alcohol screening instruments. The Self-Administered Alcoholism Screening Test (Colligan, Davis, & Morse, 1988:(More)
This study examined the effect of depression on neurocognitive performance in patients who passed symptom validity testing. The Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) was used to assess depression in 420 patients with heterogeneous referral diagnoses (more than half of these cases were head injury or neurological disease). All patients had demonstrated(More)
The assessment of effort is a fundamental component of test performance analysis, since effort determines whether a psychological evaluation is valid. The assessment of effort in children has proven problematic. This may be related to the variable and inconsistent nature of children's developing self-regulatory systems, and the fact that measures commonly(More)
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