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In preparation for the full Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA extragalactic HI survey, precursor observations were carried out in Aug–Sep 2004 with the 7-beam Arecibo L-band feed array (ALFA) receiver system and the WAPP spectral processors. While these observations were geared mainly at testing and debugging survey strategy, hardware and software, approximately 48(More)
Introduction Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is a severe neuromuscular disorder caused by mutation(s) in the gene encoding dystrophin. While recent advances in palliative care have increased life expectancy to 20–30 years of age, this disease remains invariably fatal. Muscle pathology and therapeutic efficacy is primarily assessed using invasive muscle(More)
Though the public consciousness is typically focused on factors such as psychology, penis size, and the presence of the "G-spot," there are other anatomical and neuro-anatomic differences that could play an equal, or more important, role in the frequency and intensity of orgasms. Discovering these variations could direct further medical or procedural(More)
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