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Gastric mucosal blood flow was simultaneously determined by aminopyrine clearance and gamma-labeled microspheres (15 +/- 5 mu in diameter) in anesthetized dogs prepared with a chambered segment of stomach greater curvature. Paired flow measurements were made in 11 dogs (n = 28) secreting in response to intravenous histamine (1mug per kg per min), in 11 (n =(More)
BACKGROUND Enhanced recovery after colon surgery has not been widely adopted in the United States and Europe, despite evidence that postoperative complications and hospital length of stay are decreased. OBJECTIVE We sought to evaluate the introduction of a comprehensive care process for enhanced recovery after colon surgery in 8 community hospitals. (More)
Fine-needle aspiration biopsy is a relatively simple procedure that is becoming increasingly popular among physicians in the United States. It has provided significant advancement in the diagnosis of a number of pathologic conditions of the head and neck as well as other areas, especially those presenting as palpable masses or nodes. At present, many(More)
A complementary DNA library has been constructed from the polyadenylated mRNA of steroid-deprived T-47D cells which had been restimulated with estrogen for 24 h. Screening of 15,000 recombinants by sequential rounds of colony, Southern and Northern blot differential hybridization has identified eight different clones which vary in abundance and are(More)
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