Lyle Fredrickson

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Under in vitro conditions, free-standing hair bundles of the bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana) sacculus have exhibited spontaneous oscillations. We used a high-speed complementary metal oxide semiconductor camera to track the active movements of multiple hair cells in a single field of view. Our techniques enabled us to probe for correlations between pairs of(More)
High-speed imaging with a CMOS camera was used to track the motion of multiple hair bundles of the bullfrog sacculus. To maintain the natural degree of intercell coupling, the overlying otolithic membrane was left intact atop the in vitro preparation. Effects of an incoming mechanical signal were mimicked by laterally deflecting the membrane with a glass(More)
New code design methods and Viterbi detector architectures are presented for high-rate trelliscoded partial-response (TCPR) systems. The methods, which extend the matched-spectral-null (MSN) coding technique, use novel code constraints and time-varying detector trellis structures to reduce path memory requirements by as much as a factor of two, relative to(More)
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