Lyle A. Dethlefsen

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Previous data on the effects of a single dose of hydroxyurea on C3H mouse duodenum and mammary tumors from a fast growing line (S102F) were used to predict times that may be optimal (i.e., minimize killing of the duodenal S-phase cells while enhancing the killing of tumor S-phase cells) for the administration of subsequent doses of hydroxyurea. These(More)
Three camptothecin-resistant sublines (V79r, IRS-1r and IRS-2r) of V79 cells and their irradiation-sensitive mutants, IRS-1 and IRS-2, were developed by stepwise, continuous exposure to camptothecin (CPT). The degree of resistance varied among these cells. Based on the biochemical characterizations of these resistant cell lines, the mechanisms which could(More)
The fluorescence properties of Hoechst 33342 (HO 33342) were examined with plasmid pBR322 in the supercoiled (Form I) or relaxed covalently closed circular (Form Io) conformation in order to determine whether qualitative or quantitative differences in fluorescence properties might provide an assay for topological states of DNA. It was found that HO 33342(More)
The development of a pure quiescent (Q) tumour cell population can be induced in three mouse mammary tumour lines (66, 67 and 68H) by nutrient deprivation. When these Q cells were removed from nutrient-deprived cultures and replated in fresh medium at a lower cell concentration within 72 hr of entering quiescence virtually all of the Q cells could re-enter(More)