Lydia Winkler

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The OEM's requirements engineering and management process is affected by many residual encumbrances and future constraints. The encumbrances' origin comes from the OEM's strong dependency on suppliers' software development knowledge and support. In contrast, future constraints are dealing with the assembling of software engineering knowledge, especially(More)
In this article, we develop a model that permits a decision maker's preferences to depend on the decision maker's ambiguity about the probability of an event that is relevant for decision-making purposes. We deal with ambiguity through preference modeling, with ambiguity leading to modifications in the utilities of outcomes. The behavior of ambiguity(More)
In this paper, we introduce a new locomotion unit for mobile modular self-reconfigurable robots. The design is based on Archimedes screws and allows a robot to utilize its full potential. With this newly designed drive unit called screw drive, a robot is able to drive in almost every direction while still using a simple, easy to control setup which requires(More)
A heterogeneous, mobile, self-reconfigurable and modular robot platform is being developed in the projects SYMBRION and REPLICATOR. The locomotion of the robots as well as forming of the robot organisms will be controlled using evolutionary and bio-inspired techniques. As the robots are not available at the beginning of the projects and experiments are time(More)
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