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Harmonic and intermodulation distortion effects play an important role in numerous analog applications, particularly in such areas as wireless communication systems. In this paper, we present a two-dimensional harmonic balance semiconductor device simulator which accurately models these nonlinear effects at the physical (drift-diffusion) level. The(More)
Low frequency, small-signal ac analysis of multi-terminal devices holds the promise of providing accurate charge partitioning information, which is of major concern to circuit designers. However, simple interpretation of the imaginary part of y-parameters as purely capacitive often leads to unphysical results when there are significant DC terminal currents.(More)
A simple numerical method based on generalized telegraphist's equations as a full vector-wave analysis tool for dielectric waveguide problems is presented. The method is applied to various guiding structures for single-mode and multimode computation. The generalized telegraphist's equation formulates the problem as a matrix eigenvalue equation whose(More)
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