Lydia P Ogden

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I used thematic narrative analysis, informed by the developmental life course perspective, to formulate a line of semistructured questioning for interviews with 6 older adults who experienced ongoing symptoms of schizophrenia. From the 31 resulting interviews and 38 observation points, I developed life history narratives that yielded findings across four(More)
Shared themes connected to interpersonal relationships across the life courses of older adults with schizophrenia-spectrum diagnoses were identified in first-person life history narratives and explored in depth. Findings were developed through thematic narrative analysis of 35 interviews with 7 older adults currently in treatment for schizophrenia-spectrum(More)
This study used thematic narrative analysis to develop an understanding of how older adults with ongoing symptoms of schizophrenia who have experienced homelessness understand and express their life course and present-time narratives of homelessness, housing, and home. Findings were developed from 26 individual interviews with five study participants and 33(More)
major capsid protein and self-assembles into viruslike particles (VLPs). Species-specific VLP vaccines provide protection against infection and disease. Protection was associated with the development of neutralizing antibod-ies. Serum from vaccinated animals conferred protection to unvaccinated animals. The HPV-6, HPV-11, HPV-16, and HPV-18 L1 VLP vaccine(More)
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