Lydia Nicholas

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BACKGROUND We introduce Sequence Bundles--a novel data visualisation method for representing multiple sequence alignments (MSAs). We identify and address key limitations of the existing bioinformatics data visualisation methods (i.e. the Sequence Logo) by enabling Sequence Bundles to give salient visual expression to sequence motifs and other data features,(More)
Records of the content of 40 videotaped samples of aphasia treatment sessions were prepared. These records were analyzed to determine (a) whether certain clinician behaviors and task characteristics are related to the occurrence of patient error responses in speech and language treatment sessions for aphasic individuals, and (b) whether "errors generate(More)
Videotaped samples of aphasia treatment sessions were coded, using the Clinical Interaction Analysis System (CIAS), a 39-category system for recording the events that occur in clinician-patient interactions during aphasia treatment sessions. These coded records were then sampled according to various schedules and procedures and the fidelity with which each(More)
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