Lydia-Marie Joubert

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The simplistic idea that seven transmembrane receptors are single monomeric proteins that interact with heterotrimeric G-proteins after agonist binding is definitively out of date. Indeed, GPCRs (G-protein-coupled receptors) are part of multiprotein networks organized around scaffolding proteins. These GIPs (GPCR-interacting proteins) are either(More)
Many of the more than 20 mammalian proteins with N-BAR domains control cell architecture and endocytosis by associating with curved sections of the plasma membrane. It is not well understood whether N-BAR proteins are recruited directly by processes that mechanically curve the plasma membrane or indirectly by plasma-membrane-associated adaptor proteins that(More)
OBJECTIVE Despite evidence demonstrating that risk-factor management is effective in reducing recurrent cerebrovascular disease, there are very few structured care programmes for stroke survivors. The aim was to implement and evaluate an integrated care programme in stroke. METHODS 186 patients with stroke were randomised to either the treatment(More)
UNLABELLED Microbes use directed motility to colonize harsh and dynamic environments. We discovered that Helicobacter pylori strains establish bacterial colonies deep in the gastric glands and identified a novel protein, ChePep, necessary to colonize this niche. ChePep is preferentially localized to the flagellar pole. Although mutants lacking ChePep have(More)
OBJECTIVE The Regenerate pilot study explored whether a 10-week, community-based progressive resistance training (PRT) program could reduce depressive symptoms in depressed chronic stroke survivors. METHODS Participants were screened for depressive status using the PHQ-9 and confirmed by psychiatric assessment. Eligible people (n = 45) were randomised to(More)
The need for a bootstrapping approach to the morphological decomposition of words in agglutinative languages such as isiZulu is motivated, and the complexities of such an approach are described. We then introduce a generic framework which can be employed for this task, and show a number of simple examples of its use for the decomposition of words in(More)
BACKGROUND Broad community access to high quality evidence-based primary mental health care is an ongoing challenge around the world. In Australia one approach has been to broaden access to care by funding psychologists and other allied health care professionals to deliver brief psychological treatments to general practitioners' patients. To date, there has(More)
In periods of change, psychiatric services must project outcomes of decisions about service innovations and reductions, including budgetary implications. To support such decision making, a public-sector psychiatric service in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, developed a modeling tool that combines data from its service activity database and budgetary(More)
The development and maintenance of tissues requires collective cell movement, during which neighbouring cells coordinate the polarity of their migration machineries. Here, we ask how polarity signals are transmitted from one cell to another across symmetrical cadherin junctions, during collective migration. We demonstrate that collectively migrating(More)
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