Lydia DiCaprio

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We present a new algorithm for modeling a self-consistent set of global plate polygons. Each plate polygon is composed of a finite list of plate margins, all with different Euler poles. We introduce a "Continuously Closed Plate" (CCP), such that, as each margin moves independently, the plate polygon remains closed geometrically as a function of time. This(More)
A synthetic oligonucleotide, 5'-d(CTAGT-CTAGACTAG)-3' which encodes translational termination codons in three reading frames, was inserted into either exon IV (pbGH-4A) or V (pbGH-5A) of the bovine growth hormone gene. The resultant plasmids, under the transcriptional regulation of the mouse metallothionein 1 promoter, were introduced into cultured mouse(More)
The gamma-subunit of mouse 7S nerve growth factor (gamma-NGF) is a member of a family of closely related serine proteases that includes kallikreins and tamases. We have isolated from a DBA/2J male submaxillary gland cDNA library a clone, pSM676, which codes for gamma-NGF. Sequence analysis of the clone shows that it codes for the C-terminal 138 amino acids(More)
[1] The Tonga-Kermadec subduction system in the southwest Pacific preserves a series of crustal elements and sediments which have recorded subduction initiation, rift, and back-arc basin formation. The Norfolk Basin is the farthest landward of all back-arc basins formed in the Tonga-Kermadec region and may preserve the earliest record of subduction(More)
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