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  • Lydia Teh, Louise Teh, Benjamin Starkhouse, U Rashid Sumaila, Lydia Teh, Ussif +6 others
  • 2008
An overview of socioeconomic and ecological perspectives of Fiji's inshore reef fisheries Abstract: This paper synthesizes existing information on Fiji's coral reef fisheries. It reviews the socioeconomic and ecological context of Fijian reef fisheries, and sets the stage for further investigation into the effects of fishing and the live fish trades on(More)
Overfishing threatens coral reefs worldwide, yet there is no reliable estimate on the number of reef fishers globally. We address this data gap by quantifying the number of reef fishers on a global scale, using two approaches - the first estimates reef fishers as a proportion of the total number of marine fishers in a country, based on the ratio of(More)
Keywords: Marine megafauna bycatch Marine conservation Small-scale fisheries Governance Socio-economics Thailand Sabah Malaysia a b s t r a c t We apply an integrated and interdisciplinary conceptual framework to assess the potential for uptake of bycatch reduction measures by small-scale fisheries along the Andaman coast and eastern Gulf of Thailand, and(More)
We investigate how high seas closure will affect the availability of commonly consumed food fish in 46 fish reliant, and/or low income countries. Domestic consumption of straddling fish species (fish that would be affected by high seas closure) occurred in 54% of the assessed countries. The majority (70%) of countries were projected to experience net catch(More)
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