Lydia Brondani

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The original version of this Article contained errors in the spelling of the authors Idan Cohen, Peleg Rider, Elena Vornov, Martin Tomas, Cicerone Tudor, Mareike Wegner, Lydia Brondani, Marina Freudenberg, Gerhard Mittler, Elisa Ferrando-May, Ron N. Apte and Robert Schneider which were incorrectly given as Cohen Idan, Rider Peleg, Voronov Elena, Tomas(More)
In mammals, histone H1 consists of a family of related proteins, including five replication-dependent (H1.1-H1.5) and two replication-independent (H1.10 and H1.0) subtypes, all expressed in somatic cells. To systematically study the expression and function of H1 subtypes, we generated knockin mouse lines in which endogenous H1 subtypes are tagged. We(More)
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