Lydia Balest

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The effectiveness of advanced oxidation processes in a batch and a flow reactor was investigated for the remediation of hydrocarbon pollution in the groundwater underlying a petrochemical industrial site. The main organic contaminants present in the groundwater were MTBE, benzene, alkyl-benzenes and alkyl-naphthalenes. Experimental results with a batch(More)
HS-SPME-GC-MS in combination with PCA was employed to discriminate different arabica/robusta blends having different geographical origins. HS-SPME confirmed to be an effective and reproducible sampling technique for routine characterization of coffees. In addition, the chemometric approach permitted to find parameters suitable for the differentiation of the(More)
An on-line solid phase extraction coupled with high-performance liquid chromatography in tandem with mass spectrometry (on-line SPE/HPLC/MS-MS) method for the determination of five microcystins and nodularin in surface waters at submicrogram per liter concentrations has been optimized. Maximum recoveries were achieved by carefully optimizing the extraction(More)
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