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Ultralight and fire-resistant ceramic nanofibrous aerogels with temperature-invariant superelasticity
Ultralight and fire-resistant ceramic nanofibrous aerogels with temperature-invariant superelasticity to 1100°C. Ultralight aerogels that are both highly resilient and compressible have beenExpand
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Hierarchical structured MnO2@SiO2 nanofibrous membranes with superb flexibility and enhanced catalytic performance.
Constructing nanostructured catalyst-embedded ceramic fibrous membranes would facilitate the remediation or preliminary treatment of dyeing wastewater, however, most of such membranes are brittleExpand
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Flexible Hierarchical ZrO2 Nanoparticle-Embedded SiO2 Nanofibrous Membrane as a Versatile Tool for Efficient Removal of Phosphate.
Functional nanoparticles modified silica nanofibrous materials with good flexibility, a hierarchical mesoporous structure, and excellent durability would have broad applications in efficient removalExpand
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Polybenzoxazine-based highly porous carbon nanofibrous membranes hybridized by tin oxide nanoclusters: durable mechanical elasticity and capacitive performance
Creating porous carbonaceous membranes with durable mechanical properties and designed functionality is critical for the next generation of soft electronic devices; however, it has been provenExpand
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In situ Synthesis of Biomimetic Silica Nanofibrous Aerogels with Temperature-Invariant Superelasticity over One Million Compressions.
Resilient and compressible three-dimensional nanomaterials comprising polymers, carbon, and metals have been prepared in diverse forms. However, the creation of thermostable elastic ceramic aerogelsExpand
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Hierarchical Cellular Structured Ceramic Nanofibrous Aerogels with Temperature-Invariant Superelasticity for Thermal Insulation.
Silica aerogels are attractive for thermal insulation due to their low thermal conductivity and good heat resistance performance. However, the fabrication of silica aerogels withExpand
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Ultrastrong, Superelastic, and Lamellar Multiarch Structured ZrO2-Al2O3 Nanofibrous Aerogels with High-Temperature Resistance over 1300 °C.
Advanced ceramic aerogel materials with a performance combining sufficient mechanical robustness and splendid high-temperature resistance are urgently needed as thermal insulators in harshExpand
Temperature-invariant superelastic, fatigue resistant, and binary-network structured silica nanofibrous aerogels for thermal superinsulation
Industrial thermal energy management or space exploration requires thermal insulating materials with features of low thermal conductivity, low bulk density and robust mechanical properties. However,Expand
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