Lvqian Zhang

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Spotlight synthetic aperture radar (SAR) emits a chirp signal and the echo bandwidth can be reduced through dechirp processing, where the A/D sampling rate decreases accordingly at the receiver. Compressive sensing allows the compressible signal to be reconstructed with a high probability using only a few samples by solving a linear program problem. This(More)
In this paper, a novel multi-baseline phase unwrapping approach is proposed based on maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) method. Topography phase gradient is acquired by fusing multi-baseline InSAR data. It is convenient to obtain unwrapped phase by using gradient integral. Since search interval is critical for the uniqueness and accuracy of solution,(More)
This paper proposes the continuous tangent motion model to discribe the complex relative motion between Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and targets by assuming that SAR moves with an invariant relative velocity vector within one pulse repetirion interval (PRI) along a tangent segment. And an effient and accurate simulation method is constructed for(More)
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