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The asymmetric unit of the mononuclear title complex, [NiBr2(C3H8O)4], comprises a Ni(II) cation located on a centre of inversion, one Br(-) anion and two propan-2-ol ligands. The Ni(II) cation exhibits a distorted trans-Br2O4 environment. There are O-H⋯Br hydrogen bonds connecting neighbouring mol-ecules into rows along [100]. These rows are arranged in a(More)
Although significant progress has been made recently, copper-based materials have long been considered to be ineffective catalysts toward the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER), in most cases, requiring high overpotentials more than 300 mV. We report here that a Cu(0)-based nanoparticle film electrodeposited in situ from a Cu(II) oxime complex can act as a(More)
A novel strategy to obtain rapid electrochromic switching response by introducing 2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-1-piperidinyloxy (TEMPO) moiety into polytriphenylamine backbone has been developed. The electrochromic properties of the integrated polymer film are investigated and a possible mechanism is proposed with TEMPO as a counterion-reservoir group to rapidly(More)
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