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Many database applications require the analysis and processing of data streams. In such systems, huge amounts of data arrive rapidly and their values change over time. The variations on streams typically imply some fundamental changes of the underlying objects and possess significant domain meanings. In some data streams, successive events seem to recur in(More)
The development of Web Information Systems(WIS) is a hot research topic both in industry and academia. This paper presents a platform for ontology driven WIS development: the Web Information System autoconstruction Environment(WISE). The novel features of WISE are: 1) Employing WIS ontology to specify user requirements; 2) Providing graphical tools to(More)
The load shedding problem is vital to a Data Stream Management System (DSMS). This paper presents the design, implementation, and evaluation of a load shedding method under the guide of the feedback control theory, in order to solve practical problems in medical environment. Thus, the using of operator selectivity, which has been proven not stable enough,(More)
The knowledge in Web Information Systems (WISs) makes that business process can not be described by a fixed model. Due to not integrating with domain knowledge seamlessly, traditional workflow management technology can not manage the ad hoc process very well. In order to solve that problem, we propose a data-driven and ontologybased method to support(More)
Widely applied in many domains, data stream processing has attracted more and more attention in database and sensor network communities. In this demo, we present our system PEDS-VM, a real-time surveillance system for managing pattern variation over evolving medical streams. PEDS-VM utilizes an effective strategy and a state-based window framework to(More)
Complex structure and varying requirements increase the difficulties in developing domain specific Web Information Systems. People appeal to a smart tool to customize Web Information Systems automatically. To achieve that goal, this article makes following contributions: (1) Proposes the concept of Web Information System ontology to express the integrated(More)
System behaviors specify the major functions of domain specific Web Information Systems (WIS). Traditional techniques can not satisfy various requirements or manage innumerous data while developing WIS behaviors. People appeal to a smart tool for implementing the WIS behaviors. This article makes the following contributions: (1) Proposes the concept of(More)
Monitoring abnormal patterns in data streams is an important research area for many applications. In this paper we present a new approach MAPS(Monitoring Abnormal Patterns over data Streams) to model and identify the abnormal patterns over the massive data streams. Compared with other data streams, ICU streaming data have their own features:(More)
This paper proposes a general consistency management methodology within ontology-driven WIS development. The contributions of this paper are follows: 1) introduces the concept structures for representing model ontologies, mappings ontology and their instances. These ontologies and their instances greatly enhance the representation and reasoning capabilities(More)
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