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Traditional voltage-controlled commutation strategies are basically proposed to avoid detecting zero crossing problem of current-controlled commutation. Commutation problem is one reason of matrix converter can not be used in high-power environment. This paper proposes a novel four-step safe commutation strategy in transition intervals. The strategy(More)
Bioradar is a novel kind of radar combining the technology of radar and biomedical engineering. It can detect vital signals (such as breath, heartbeat, movement, etc.) in a certain distance through the nonmetal substances (such as brick walls, rubble, etc.) without using electrodes or sensors. However, multi-stationary-human-target identifying and locating(More)
This paper proposes an improved semi-supervised K-means clustering algorithm to deal with the data set which has a small number of labeled data. Combining with the external indexes, this algorithm determines the optimal cluster number and the initial clustering centers. The cluster effect is improved. According to the experience and the external information(More)
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