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Research on the Software for Setting up Bi-viewpoint in Autostereoscopic 3D Display Based on Direct 3D
The theoretic interrelation between the left-view point and right-viewpoint in the model space by Direct 3D and the horizontal position disparity in the display screen has been established and marvelous auto-stereoscopic 3D view has been achieved. Expand
Research on Ghosting of Parallax Barrier Displays
The result of software simulation shows that by improving the barrier structure of Panum's area and viewing zones, the viewing zones are increased and the probability of ghosting is decreased. Expand
The Drive Circuit Design and Dynamic Backlight Control Based on FPGA
LCD can not do without the auxiliary of backlight,while now most monitors attaching backlight with a constant brightness,have some problems,such as display motion blur,low contrast,more powerExpand
A Design Simulation of High Efficiency Multi-Beam Millimeter-Wave Traveling Wave Tube
In this paper,we have simulated a slow-wave system of Ka band seven-beam coupled-cavity TWT,analyzed the multi-beam coupled-cavity TWT cold-cavity characteristic,periodic permanent magnetExpand
Study on the Transverse Magnetic Fields of Multi-Beam PPM Focusing System
The nature of the transverse magnetic fields of multi-beam PPM focusing system and its effects on beam focusing were discussed in theory.The PPM focusing system for a five-beam traveling- wave tubeExpand
A dual-band and dual-polarized microstrip antenna subarray design for Ku-band satellite communications
In this paper, a dual-band and dual-polarized microstrip subarray antenna is designed for Ku-band phased array antenna system used in satellite mobile communication. The antenna has a verticalExpand
Design of Driver Circuit for High-speed Liquid Crystal Light Valve
To improve the PDLC response speed of liquid crystal light valve,it needs the high-speed driver circuit for liquid crystal light valve.In this paper,a large number of experimental analysis shows thatExpand
Design and Simulation of Multistage Depressed Collectors for Multi-Beam Traveling-Wave Tube
Multistage depressed collectors are used in traveling wave tubes to enhance the overall effi- ciency of the device.Very dedicated procedures for multi-beam TWT collector were developed on the base ofExpand
Effect of Surface Properties on the Display Characteristics of Cholesteric LCD
The reflectivity,multi-domain structure and threshold voltage of the liquid crystal devices were studied by the reflective properties of P and FC state and the microscopic structure.The resultsExpand
Research and Development of Field Emission Cathode and Its Application in TWT
Field emission cathode traveling-wave tube(TWT) is a new type of microwave device and field emission cathode is an important component of TWT.In this paper,the principle of field emission as well asExpand