Luzimar Campos da Silva

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Root explants of a wild passionfruit species (Passiflora cincinnata) and three P. edulis commercial populations (‘FB 100’, ‘FB 200’, and ‘FB 300’) were incubated on Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium(More)
The characterization of cellular changes that occur during somatic embryogenesis is essential for understanding the factors involved in the transition of somatic cells into embryogenically competent(More)
This study aimed to characterize the anatomical events and ultrastructural aspects of direct and indirect in vitro organogenesis in Passiflora edulis. Root explants were cultured on induction medium,(More)
The present study aimed to establish a protocol for in vitro organogenesis of Passiflora setacea and to determine the genetic stability of regenerated plants. Three types of explants (leaf,(More)
The delimitation of species and even support of the genera Curtia and Hockinia, monotypic genus, are still controversial. To define anatomical characteristics that help resolve taxonomic problems,(More)
In vitro propagation of neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss.) may offer an efficient alternative to seed propagation of this species. For optimization of in vitro propagation, different basal salt(More)
Glandular trichomes and laticifers occur in I. pes-caprae (L.) Stweet (Convolvulaceae) and I. imperati (Vahl) Griseb. However, the importance of their secretion for the species survival in “Restinga”(More)