Luzie Mount

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Four studies addressed the hypothesis, based on correspondence bias, that low- relative to high-status individuals are perceived as more communal and less agentic. Study 1 instantiated status in terms of occupations, and findings were as expected. The findings of Study 2 reconciled those of Study 1 and of A.H. Eagly and V.J. Steffen (1984) in that they(More)
New technological devices, particularly those with touch screens, have become virtually omnipresent over the last decade. Practically from birth, children are now surrounded by smart phones and tablets. Despite being our constant companions, little is known about whether these tools can be used not only for entertainment, but also to collect reliable(More)
Studies on the nutrition of marine flatfish. The pyridoxine requirement of turbot (Scoph-thalmus maximus) 26 I The effects of defauna-tion of the rumen on the growth of cattle on low-protein high-energy diets 163 BOSSUYT, R. see DECUYPERE, J. A. 91 BRAITHWAITE, G. D. Adaptations in the calcium and phosphorus metabolism of sheep in response to an intravenous(More)
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