Luz de Teresa

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This paper is concerned with the null-exact controllability of a cascade system formed by a semilinear heat and a semilinear wave equation in a cylinder Ω×(0, T ). More precisely, we intend to drive the solution of the heat equation (resp. the wave equation) exactly to zero (resp. exactly to a prescribed but arbitrary final state). The control acts only on(More)
The paper studies the controllability properties of the linear 2-D wave equation in the rectangle Ω = (0, a)× (0, b). We consider two types of action, on an edge or on two adjacent edges of the boundary. Our analysis is based on Fourier expansion and explicit construction and evaluation of biorthogonal sequences. This method allows us to measure the(More)
Let (A, D(A)) a diagonalizable generator of a C0−semigroup of contractions on a complex Hilbert space X, B 2 L(C, Y ), Y being some suitable extrapolation space of X, and u 2 L(0, T ;C). Under some assumptions on the sequence of eigenvalues Λ = {λk}k≥1 ⇢ C of (A, D(A)), we prove the existence of a minimal time T0 2 [0,1] depending on Bernstein’s(More)
We study the exact boundary controllability of two coupled one dimensional wave equations with a control acting only in one equation. The problem is transformed into a moment problem. This framework has been used in control theory of distributed parameter systems since the classical works of A.G. Butkovsky, H.O. Fattorini and D.L. Russell in the late 1960s(More)
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