Luz Marina Melgarejo

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The objective of this research was to evaluate, in saline-sodic soils, the effect of the application of a low rank coal (LRC), lignite type, along with an inoculation of bacteria that release humified organic matter (HOM) from this type of coal. The soil microbial activity and related coal biosolubilization enzymes mediated by microorganisms were determined(More)
Couepia is a genus distributed in tropical regions of America. The nut of some Couepia species is used as fresh fruit and oil source for local communities. Despite its critical situation of conservation and its economic potential, there is a lack of information on the genetic variability of Couepia species. This study examines AFLP variation among 40(More)
Changes in abscisic acid (ABA), indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) and jasmonic acid (JA) content in developing calyx, fruits and leaves of Physalis peruviana L. plants were analysed. Plant hormones have been widely studied for their roles in the regulation of various aspects related to plant development and, in particular, into their action during development and(More)
This study assessed, under greenhouse conditions, the use of low-rank coal (LRC) generated in the “El Cerrejón” (La Guajira Colombia) mine as a source of humified organic matter, which is released by the activity of coal solubilizing bacteria (CSB), in order to improve the properties of edaphic materials (EM) used in post-mining land reclamation processes.(More)
Substantial equivalence studies were performed in three Theobroma spp., cacao, bicolor and grandiflorum through chemical composition analysis and protein profiling of fruit (pulp juice and seeds). Principal component analysis of sugar, organic acid, and phenol content in pulp juice revealed equivalence among the three species, with differences in some of(More)
Intracellular localization of the lectins P2 and P4 from Dioclea lehmanni in developing cotyledons and in mature embryo axis were analyzed by the immunogold method. In parenchyma cells of the mature cotyledons both lectins were found in the protein bodies, whereas in immature cotyledons and in mature embryo axis these lectins were exclusively localized in(More)
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