Luz Ma Martínez

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A high and sustainable quality of life is a central goal for humanity. Our current socio-ecological regime and its set of interconnected worldviews, institutions, and technologies all support the goal of unlimited growth of material production and consumption as a proxy for quality of life. However, abundant evidence shows that, beyond a certain threshold,(More)
Carbon monoxide (CO) is the leading cause of poisoning death in the United States. Research has shown that proper use of a CO detector in the home can reduce morbidity and mortality related to unintentional CO exposure. The authors evaluated three CO education workshops that included distribution of free CO detectors for home use, and their intervention(More)
The impact of the mass media on woman's status was addressed at two 1995 conferences: the Fourth World Conference on Women, held in Beijing, China, and the Congress of the World Association for Christian Communication, held in Puebla, Mexico. The globalization process facilitated by the mass media has served to increase the power of patriarchy, with no(More)
Over last century, work was not only a means of economic survival, but also a very strong factor of psychological structuring and of organization of personal, family, and everyday life. The new world of work provides new challenges to the balance of work and family life. A questionnaire was administered to a sample of 453 people with the aim of analyzing(More)
Traditionally, studies of domestic work and care did not include subjective perspectives of workers and carers and what they perceive as being necessary to carry out these tasks. A total of 37 caregivers of four different types were interviewed in 5 focus group discussions: housewives, responsible of household and workers, domestic assistants without(More)
INTRODUCTION Long-term opioid therapy has been found to have a strong impact on the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis that can be manifested clinically by sexual dysfunction (SD). This event is rarely reported and thus unnoticed and undertreated. AIM To analyze the presence of SD in a large group of patients receiving long-term opioids. METHODS A(More)
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