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With the advent of faster and cheaper computers, optimization based control methodologies have become a viable candidate for control of nonlinear systems. Over the past twenty years, a group of such control schemes have been successfully used in the process control industry where the processes are either intrinsically stable or have very large time(More)
Altered energy metabolism is a cancer hallmark as malignant cells tailor their metabolic pathways to meet their energy requirements. Glucose and glutamine are the major nutrients that fuel cellular metabolism, and the pathways utilizing these nutrients are often altered in cancer. Here, we show that the long ncRNA CCAT2, located at the 8q24 amplicon on(More)
ii iii c 2000 Pablo A. Parrilo All rights Reserved iv v To my mother vi vii Acknowledgements Naturally, my greatest appreciation goes to my advisor, John Doyle. By providing a fertile ground, supervision, and an unsurpassed academic environment, John made my Caltech experience unique. I will be forever thankful for this opportunity. My gratitude extends to(More)
Given the diffusion of responsibilities for gathering and reporting healthcare information in a managed care environment, California stakeholders are taking concrete steps to break the deadlock on data and information flows that has characterized the industry for some time. The California Information Exchange (CALINX) was established to facilitate the(More)
The translocation of bacteria across the intestinal epithelium of immunocompromised patients can lead to bacteremia and life-threatening sepsis. Extraintestinal pathogenic Escherichia coli (ExPEC), so named because this pathotype infects tissues distal to the intestinal tract, is a frequent cause of such infections, is often multidrug resistant, and(More)
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