Luz Arellano

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Ten occult carcinomas of the thyroid gland were found in 274 unselected autopsies at the Pathology Service, Hospital José Joaquín Aguirre, between December 1980 and March 1983. This is the lowest incidence among the most recent published series. The present results suggest that environmental factors play an important role in the etiology of this type of(More)
A 47 years old female, treated in 1984 for a non Hodgkin lymphoma, presented in 1993 with diarrhea with features of steatorrhea. The initial assessment concluded that the patient had a gluten induced enteropathy and she had a good clinical response to a gluten free diet. In 1996, while still on gluten free diet, steatorrhea appeared. A new intestinal biopsy(More)
1. Lyerly DM, Krivan HC, Wilkins TD: Clostridium difficile: its disease and toxins. Clinical Microbiology Reviews 1988, 1:1-18 2. Tabaqehali S: Epidemiologic markers of Clostridium difficile. Reviews of Infectious Diseases 1990, 12, Supplement 2: S192-S199. 3. Williams JGK, Kubelik AR, Livak K J, Rafalski JA, Tingly SV: DNA polymorphisms amplified by(More)
The IgG antibody response specific to Helicobacter pylori was evaluated through ELISA in a group of 92 gastric patients colonized by this bacteria. 74 had gastritis and 19 gastroduodenal ulcer. Three control groups were studied in a similar way: normal adult volunteers (n = 17), adults with E coli or S typhi bacteremia (n = 30) and normal infants (n = 30).(More)
We performed right ventricular endomyocardial biopsies in 23 patients with dilated cardiomyopathy aged 45 +/- 14 years. All patients had congestive heart failure of unknown etiology dating up to one year before the procedure (57% less than 3 months). NYHA functional class was II in 5, III in 12 and IV in 6 patients. All patients had evidence of systolic(More)
The objective of high activity antiretroviral therapy (HAART) in patients with AIDS, is to obtain immune restoration. This means a reduction of the viral load and restitution of the CD4 cell count. A decreased rate of HIV replication improves both the number and function of CD4 cells. Nevertheless, this treatment sometimes results in the reappearance of(More)