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Cortical cholinergic, glutamatergic and GABAergic terminals become upregulated during early stages of the transgenic amyloid pathology. Abundant evidence suggests that sAPP alpha, the product of the non-amyloidogenic alpha-secretase pathway, is neurotrophic both in vitro and when exogenously applied in vivo. The disintegrin metalloprotease ADAM-10 has been(More)
The constitution of traditional Chinese medicine was established in 1970s by Chinese scholars, in which the constitutions of Chinese people were classified into nine types for study. The phlegm-dampness constitution is one of the nine constitutions and is the most common type in constitution study. Genomics studies found four upregulated genes: COPS8,(More)
Many traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) formulae have been used in cancer therapy. The JIN formula is an ancient herbal formula recorded in the classic TCM book Jin Kui Yao Lue (Golden Chamber). The JIN formula significantly delayed the growth of subcutaneous human H460 xenografted tumors in vivo compared with the growth of mock controls. Gene array(More)
Differences between healthy subjects and associated disease risks are of substantial interest in clinical medicine. Based on clinical presentations, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) classifies healthy people into nine constitutions: Balanced, Qi, Yang or Yin deficiency, Phlegm-dampness, Damp-heat, Blood stasis, Qi stagnation, and Inherited special(More)
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