Luyang Chen

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Graphene quantum dots were prepared by ultrasonic route and served as a highly selective water-soluble probe for sensing of Hg(2+). The fluorescence emission spectrum of graphene quantum dots was at about 430nm. In the presence of Hg(2+), the fluorescence of the quantum dots significantly quenched. And the fluorescence intensity gradually decreased with the(More)
Titanium nitride hollow spheres were synthesized by the reaction of TiCl4 and NaNH2 at room temperature. X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) pattern could be indexed as cubic TiN with the lattice constants of a = 4.236 A. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) images showed hollow spheres with diameter about 200 nm. A possible formation mechanism of TiN hollow(More)
Olivary (olive-shaped) carbon particles (OCPs) with a diameter of approximately 1.5-2 mum at the middle and a length of approximately 3-4 mum were synthesized by pyrolysis of acetone with metallic zinc as the catalyst at 600 degrees C. The content of the OCPs in the product is related to the catalyst, the pyrolysis temperature, and the time of ultrasonic(More)
Nanocrystalline niobium nitride (NbN0.9) was successfully synthesized at 600 degrees C through a solid-state reaction. The synthesis was carried out in an autoclave by using NbCl5 and NaN3 as the reactants. The X-ray powder diffraction pattern indicates the formation of cubic NbN0.9. Transmission electron microscopy images show that typical NbN0.9(More)
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