Luyan Sun

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Traditionally, quantum entanglement has been central to foundational discussions of quantum mechanics. The measurement of correlations between entangled particles can have results at odds with classical behaviour. These discrepancies grow exponentially with the number of entangled particles. With the ample experimental confirmation of quantum mechanical(More)
  • Hui Wang, Dissertation Directed, Ellen D Williams, I Barry, Co-Advisor Barker, Christopher J Professor +20 others
  • 2009
In this thesis I describe the development of a low temperature scanning tunnel-ing microscope system (LTSTM) and its application to the study of charge density waves and vortex dynamics. All the measurements are taken on different 2H-NbSe 2 samples with or without impurities to examine the interesting coexistence of the charge density wave (CDW) phase and(More)
The Schrodinger's cat thought experiment highlights the counterintuitive concept of entanglement in macroscopically distinguishable systems. The hallmark of entanglement is the detection of strong correlations between systems, most starkly demonstrated by the violation of a Bell inequality. No violation of a Bell inequality has been observed for a system(More)
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