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Kinesin, 30 years later: Recent insights from structural studies
Motile kinesins are motor proteins that move unidirectionally along microtubules as they hydrolyze ATP. They share a conserved motor domain (head) which harbors both the ATP‐ and microtubule‐bindingExpand
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The structural switch of nucleotide-free kinesin
Kinesin-1 is an ATP-dependent motor protein that moves towards microtubules (+)-ends. Whereas structures of isolated ADP-kinesin and of complexes with tubulin of apo-kinesin and of ATP-like-kinesinExpand
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bases structurales de la motilité des kinésines
Les kinesines sont des proteines moteur liees au cytosquelette de microtubules. Elles convertissent l’energie provenant de l’hydrolyse de l’ATP en un travail mecanique. Leur fonction typique est deExpand
structural basis of kinesin motility
Kinesins are a family of microtubule-interacting motor proteins that convert the chemical energy from ATP hydrolysis into mechanical work. Many kinesins are motile, walking along microtubules toExpand
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