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In the wireless sensor networks (WSNs) for electric field measurement system under the High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission lines, it is necessary to obtain the electric field distribution with multiple sensors. The location information of each sensor is essential to the correct analysis of measurement results. Compared with the existing approach(More)
Audible noise (AN) is very important for the construction of transmission lines for the sake of the environment. Especially, at high-altitude areas, it has become a key technical factor deciding conductor types and tower structures. In order to determine the altitude effect and the correction of AN for HVdc transmission lines, four reduced-scale test lines(More)
High-voltage direct-current (HVdc) transmission lines have been implemented in many countries, including Australia, Brazil, China, and Sweden, and the safety concerns as the result of the high electromagnetic-radiation underneath the HVdc lines have garnered increased public attentions. Here, we report on the model, design, and testing of field-mill(More)
The electromagnetic environment of UHV project keeps a close relationship with the environment protection and project cost, so it would catch the full attention after its operation. To well research the electromagnetic environment level and discipline of UHV AC transmission line, a detailed test in the widen areas was carried out, including power frequency(More)
This paper is aimed at analyzing the inception voltage of positive direct current (DC) corona at different altitudes for the stranded conductor to ground structure. An improved numerical method which combines the corona onset criterion involving the action of photoionization and the improved charge simulation method is presented. The effect of altitude on(More)
The prediction and control methods of radio interference (RI) for HVdc transmission lines passing through high-altitude region are main key factors in design of the HVdc transmission lines. In order to obtain the altitude effect and correction of RI for HVdc transmission lines, four HVdc reduced-scale test lines with the same parameters were built up at 50,(More)
It is a serious problem in the development of power transmission technology in China that the high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) transmission lines have to pass through the high-altitude areas. To satisfy the demands of environmental protection, it is important to predict radio interference (RI) performance of the HVDC transmission lines in the(More)
According to the mathematical expression recommended by IEC 61000-4-4 2012, this paper analyzed the interference mechanism of EFT/B both in time and frequency domain. The radiated field strength was evaluated by the transient electromagnetic field measurement system based on optical fiber transmission. The distribution of the maximum field strength is(More)
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