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Field ionization measurements of high-n CH(3)I and C(2)H(5)I Rydberg states doped into krypton are presented as a function of krypton number density along the critical isotherm. These data exhibit a decrease in the krypton-induced shift of the dopant ionization energy near the critical point. This change in shift is modeled to within +/-0.2% of experiment(More)
The study of the formation of molecular hydrogen on low-temperature surfaces is of interest both because it enables the exploration of elementary steps in the heterogeneous catalysis of a simple molecule and because of its applications in astrochemistry. Here, we report results of experiments of molecular hydrogen formation on amorphous silicate surfaces(More)
We studied the desorption of hydrogen molecules from amorphous silicates of composition (Fe(x)Mg(1 - x))(2)SiO(4) (0 < x < 1) using thermal programmed desorption (TPD). Selected measurements of formation of molecular hydrogen on and desorption from a single crystal olivine sample were done for comparison. The experiments were conducted in conditions as(More)
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