Luuk F. Tiemeijer

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The RF noise in 0.18m CMOS technology has been measured and modeled. In contrast to some other groups, we find only a moderate enhancement of the drain current noise for shortchannel MOSFETs. The gate current noise on the other hand is more significantly enhanced, which is explained by the effects of the gate resistance. The experimental results are modeled(More)
Spectral reflectance of the eye was assessed in four young Caucasian subjects with the Utrecht densitometer. Three retinal locations were studied, the fovea, the optic disk and a spot 12 deg temporal on the horizontal meridian. Reflectance was measured with the visual pigments bleached away. The measuring field subtended 2.5 deg. The reflectance factor,(More)
The impact of scaling on the analog performance of MOS devices at RF frequencies was studied. Trends in the RF performance of nominal gate length NMOS devices from 350-nm to 50-nm CMOS technologies are presented. Both experimental data and circuit simulations with an advanced validated compact model (MOS Model 11) have been used to evaluate the RF(More)
We have optimized 3 key RF devices realized in standard logic 90 nm CMOS technology and report a record performance in terms of n-MOS maximum oscillation frequency fmaz (280 GHz), varactoi tuning range and varactor and inductor quality factor. gration design rules the source and drain interconnect is made wider than the minimum design rule and realized in(More)
The physical background of the thermal noise equations of the PSP MOSFET model is presented. The PSP thermal noise model is shown to pass a number of proposed benchmark tests for MOSFET thermal noise. Without any fitting parameters, it is shown to predict with great accuracy a collection of experimental data on three modern CMOS technologies. The impact of(More)
In this paper, we show that the differential noise figure of differential amplifiers is better measured directly by using baluns rather than be derived from single-ended measurements. For on-wafer measurements at 60 GHz, this can best be done using RF probes with integrated baluns. To extract the full 4 × 4 noise correlation matrix needed to predict(More)
Two algorithms for distributed open-short (OS) and open-short-load de-embedding of multiport on-wafer <i>S</i> -parameter measurements are presented, and used for the characterization of four-port differential amplifiers operating in the 60-GHz band. For both methods, comparison to industry standard OS de-embedding shows that anomalies in extracted(More)
In this paper an extensive verification of the extraction method (published earlier) that consistently accounts for self-heating and Early effect to accurately extract both base and thermal resistance of bipolar junction transistors is presented. The method verification is demonstrated on advanced RF SiGe HBTs were the extracted results for the thermal(More)
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