Lutz Voigtmann

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BACKGROUND Many young adults with cancer of good prognosis seek advice from their doctors, because they are concerned about their ability to have children and about potential hereditary diseases in the children conceived or fathered after cancer therapy. PATIENTS AND METHODS Results of repeated examinations of 61 children over a period of 20 years are(More)
PURPOSE Multi-field radiation therapy for intrathoracic tumours results in a heterogeneous dose distribution in lung tissue. This study investigated whether irradiation of small lung volumes with high fibrogenic doses affects the dose-response relationship for development of fibrosis in distant parts of the ipsilateral lung of mini-pigs. MATERIALS AND(More)
The dose-time relationship of radiogenic pneumopathy was studied in 68 young pigs. The right lungs of the animals were irradiated by means of a telecobalt unit. Dose distribution calculations and the preparation and execution of irradiation were chosen to largely parallel the treatment of patients. The radiation response of the lungs was quantified by(More)
Die gute Prognose einiger Tumorerkrankungen im jungen Erwachsenenalter fordert häufig die Beratung der Patienten mit Kinderwunsch nach Therapieende hinsichtlich der genetischen Konsequenzen der Strahlenbehandlung. Es wird über die Ergebnisse der über einen Zeitraum von 20 Jahren wiederholten Untersuchungen von 61 Kindern berichtet, von denen sich ein(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The volume dependence of radiation induced lung damage is of important clinical concern. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of irradiated volume on radiation pneumonitis and lung fibrosis in pigs after fractionated irradiation. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty-five animals were irradiated with 10 x 14 cm2 fields(More)
The response of pig lungs to irradiation with 12C-ions was assessed in two experiments to validate the procedures for heavy ion therapy planning at the Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung (GSI) and to explore their range of applicability. In both experiments, the target volume (spread-out Bragg peak, SOBP) was planned to be a 4 cm long cylinder with a(More)
The results of a longterm study on 55 children are presented whose parents were treated by radiotherapy. Five or ten years after a first examination, these children were submitted to a check-up investigation of their physical and intellectual development. The group of twenty irradiated fathers received an average dose to the gonads of 0.55 Gy (0.01 to 6.4(More)