Lutz Rußek

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OBJECTIVE This study examined how the perception of parental caring, obtained from undergraduates, relates to subsequent health over the ensuing 35 years. METHODS In the early 1950s, initial ratings of parental caring were obtained from a sample of healthy, Harvard undergraduate men who participated in the Harvard Mastery of Stress Study. In a 35 year(More)
OBJECTIVE In a previous 35-year follow-up investigation to the Harvard Mastery of Stress Study, positive ratings of parental caring obtained in healthy male college students were found to be predictive of substantially reduced disease incidence (including cardiovascular disease, ulcers, and alcoholism) in mid-life. The present cross-sectional study examined(More)
CONTEXT Many relaxation, meditation, and imagery techniques that implicitly or explicitly involve focused attention on the body, including qigong, massage, and noncontact therapeutic touch, purportedly employ energetic and physiological mechanisms. OBJECTIVE To show that, from a perspective of dynamical energy systems, relaxed self-attention enhances(More)
A 35-year prospective study was undertaken in 126 former college students to determine the predictive value of psychophysiological patterns previously recorded in response to repetitive laboratory stress experiments. Detailed health information has been obtained in 116 (92.1%) of these subjects. The emotion of "severe anxiety" expressed in one or more of(More)
Quasar (Quality Software Architecture) is the name of a reference architecture developed by sd&m for use in building business information systems. Based on this architecture, sd&m research developers reusable technical software components. These are available as open source components (OpenQuasar), which have already been successfully proven in numerous(More)
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