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Spatial and georeferenced information plays an important role in urban land management processes such as spatial planning and environmental management. As many of the processes are increasingly coined by participation of and collaboration between multiple stakeholders, a common medium capable of integrating different types and sources of spatial information(More)
Various urban models have been developed and are used in the urban domain, to perform for example air quality calculation, building energy consumption analysis or traffic simulation. The use of urban models, particularly 3D city models representing the structure of a city in three dimensions, is increasing in urban planning. The consequence of an integrated(More)
As IC manufacturing processes move to smaller feature sizes, fault isolation technique and debug become more and more challenging. In this paper, die level backside fault isolation case studies using emission microscope and scanning laser microscope are presented. They efficiently identified the fault sites in 0.13mum and 90nm products
The use of renewable energy in Europe offers the possibility of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and contributes to energy security and independence. With the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and a variety of recently introduced national directives supporting renewable energy sources in the European Union, the economic attractiveness of(More)
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