Lutz - Peter Nolte

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Previous experimental and analytical studies of solute transport in the intervertebral disc have demonstrated that for small molecules diffusive transport alone fulfils the nutritional needs of disc cells. It has been often suggested that fluid flow into and within the disc may enhance the transport of larger molecules. The goal of the study was to predict(More)
STUDY DESIGN The effect of cement augmentation on an osteoporotic lumbar functional spinal unit was investigated using finite-element analysis. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the influence of cement augmentation on load transfer, stresses, and strains. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Osteoporosis is the most frequent skeletal disease of the elderly, leading to(More)
Intervertebral cages in the lumbar spine have been an advancement in spinal fusion to relieve low back pain. Even though initial stability is accepted as a requirement for fusion, there are other factors. The load transfer and its effect on the tissues adjacent to the cage may also play an essential role, which is not easily detectable with experimental(More)
CONCLUSION A robot built specifically for stereotactic cochlear implantation provides equal or better accuracy levels together with a better integration into a clinical environment, when compared with existing approaches based on industrial robots. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the technical accuracy of a robotic system developed specifically for lateral skull(More)
After experimental and preclinical evaluation of a CT-free image guided surgical navigation system for acetabular cup placement, the system was introduced into clinical routine. The computation of the angular orientation of the cup is based on reference coordinates from the anterior pelvic plane concept. A hybrid strategy for pelvic landmark acquisition has(More)
As life expectancy increases, age-related disorders and the search for related medical care will expand. Osteoporosis is the most frequent skeletal disease in this context with the highest fracture risk existing for vertebrae. The aging process is accompanied by systemic changes, with the earliest degeneration occurring in the intervertebral discs. The(More)
The mechanical properties of the human spine have been studied extensively in compression, but there remains a lack of fundamental data in shear. The overall goal of this study was to contrast the mechanics of the thoracolumbar functional spinal unit (FSU) under compression and shear-type loads by evaluating endplate deformation, disc pressures, and(More)
Die chirurgische Navigation hat sich als ein Verfahren bewährt, das minimal-invasives Vorgehen erlaubt und sehr präzise chirurgische Eingriffe sowie eine Reduzierung der Strahlenbelastung für Patient und Personal ermöglicht. Durchgesetzt haben sich die Fluoroskopie-basierten Navigationssysteme. Für bestimmte Beckeneingriffe sind jedoch die hohe Bildqualität(More)
The term computer aided orthopedic surgery (CAOS) stands for approaches that aim to improve visibility to the surgical field and increase application accuracy by means of so-called navigation systems alone or in combination with smart end-effectors when carrying out surgical actions. These goals achieved by linking the bony anatomy being operated on with a(More)
OBJECTIVE Precise transducer calibration is an essential prerequisite for reliable surface registration based on ultrasound B-mode imaging devices. The clinical usage of a novel B-mode transducer calibration technique was evaluated and its attainable calibration precision assessed. MATERIALS AND METHODS The Three Wire Method and the Cambridge Calibration(More)