Lutz-P. Nolte

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Automatic scan planning for magnetic resonance imaging of the knee aims at defining an oriented bounding box around the knee joint from sparse scout images in order to choose the optimal field of view for the diagnostic images and limit acquisition time. We propose a fast and fully automatic method to perform this task based on the standard clinical scout(More)
The acquisition of conventional X-ray radiographs remains the standard imaging procedure for the diagnosis of hip-related problems. However, recent studies demonstrated the benefit of using three-dimensional (3D) surface models in the clinical routine. 3D surface models of the hip joint are useful for assessing the dynamic range of motion in order to(More)
This paper studied two different regression techniques for pelvic shape prediction, i.e., the partial least square regression (PLSR) and the principal component regression (PCR). Three different predictors such as surface landmarks, morphological parameters, or surface models of neighboring structures were used in a cross-validation study to predict the(More)
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