Lutz-P Nolte

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MRI-based medical image analysis for brain tumor studies is gaining attention in recent times due to an increased need for efficient and objective evaluation of large amounts of data. While the pioneering approaches applying automated methods for the analysis of brain tumor images date back almost two decades, the current methods are becoming more mature(More)
MRI of brain can reveal important abnormalities and brain diseases such as brain tumours if these MRI images can be processed properly by intelligent algorithms. As the MRI images have low contrast and contain noise; it is difficult to precisely separate the region of interest between tumour and normal brain tissues. In this paper, computationally(More)
This paper studied two different regression techniques for pelvic shape prediction, i.e., the partial least square regression (PLSR) and the principal component regression (PCR). Three different predictors such as surface landmarks, morphological parameters, or surface models of neighboring structures were used in a cross-validation study to predict the(More)
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