Lutz Niehüser

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This paper gives an overview on our work on modelling the eVerlage [WB02, BSW02] payment protocols. The eVerlage system sells rights to access electronic content for a certain amount of time. The user can access the content via the internet after the successful completion of the payment. The eVerlage system allows to use various payment channels. In this(More)
Until now, many responses to the digital dilemma have been focusing on law, and on technology preventing unauthorized copying and usage. However, only businesses that take into account often-ignored factors such as norms and economic aspects, and copyright's rationale, will be successful. While considering these aspects, the following paper describes a(More)
Imagine the economy and society of a completely digitized media world in 2015. To predict such a world is difficult or rather impossible. Peer-to-peer systems such as Kazaa give an impression of how fast millions of users are able to threaten conventional ways of distribution and inflexible royalty systems. Traditional forecast methods cannot cope with such(More)
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