Lutz Meyer

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No effective treatment has been demonstrated for patients with acute transverse myelopathy. In a multicentre controlled study, 12 children with severe acute transverse myelopathy were treated with intravenous methylprednisolone (IVMP) and compared with a historical group of 17 patients. The treatment had a significant effect on the proportion of patients(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize the specificities of HIV-1-related encephalopathy in children. METHODS Comparison of patients from the French Perinatal Cohort of children born to HIV-1-infected mothers and followed from birth with the French SEROCO Cohort of adults with a known date of infection. Our study examines 1) the characteristics of encephalopathy with(More)
BACKGROUND Familial amyloid polyneuropathies (FAP) patients manifest progressive sensory-motor length dependent polyneuropathy and severe autonomic dysfunction. In this setting the autonomic manifestations include mainly postural hypotension, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and constipation, sphincter distur- bances and erectile dysfunction. Reproducible(More)
BACKGROUND We assessed the ability of LDL from 30 type 1 diabetic patients (18 men, 12 women), 65 type 2 diabetic patients (35 men, 30 women), and 35 controls (19 men, 16 women) to generate peroxides. The men and women in the diabetic groups were studied separately and matched for age, body mass index, duration of diabetes, glycohemoglobin, and conventional(More)
BACKGROUND Widespread adoption of minimal access techniques forced a generation of abdominal surgeons to re-learn many standard abdominal procedures. This threatened to reduce the pool of suitable "training" operations for surgical residents. METHODS Operator grade, duration of operation, acute/elective operation, conversion rate, complications, and(More)
suasbourg calme anticilncere " x Paul Strauss Fwpose : llte auhon repwt their short and mean term results in a series of 41 @en& veawd with I 125 brxhylherapy for weal or ciliary bcdy melanomas with minimal follow up of one year. Methods : Among the 47 patients treated wilh I 125 brachylherapy for inlraoadar melanomas ne selected 41 oatienu wkh minimal(More)
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